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Incognito and Lingual Brace Treatment

Incognito Treatment is a completely different way to wear braces. They are out of sight and this makes them a popular choice for adults who want to ensure they maintain their professional look without anyone knowing they’re wearing braces.

The Incognito Lingual braces are placed out of sight - on the inside of the teeth and will straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.

No one will know they are there - unless you tell them!

The Incognito Lingual braces are the discrete way to straighten teeth, providing the perfect cosmetic alternative to conventional braces that are often aesthetically displeasing.

The Incognito Lingual braces are comprised of small brackets and arch wires that are bonded to the back of the teeth.

The Incognito Lingual brackets are custom-made to fit the individual shape of your teeth, and are attached to the back of the teeth for ultimate discreteness.

The Incognito Lingual brackets work in very much the same way as traditional braces to effectively straighten your teeth but offer a unique level of discreteness.

The Incognito Lingual brackets are very popular where patient do not want their brackets to show and also want to get the best possible result.

The Incognito Lingual brackets are one of the kindest treatments on your teeth. This is because they are attached to the inner side of your teeth which is more resistant to decay. What’s more, the high quality finish of these braces means they’re nice and comfortable to wear.

Incognito is the most frequently used lingual appliance in the world.

The Incognito system was developed and tested in close co-operation with international scientists.

Dr Konstantinos Tzamalas attended a specialist training course for the use of the Incognito system and is now a fully certified user.

Incognito has changed lingual orthodontics.


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Reasonable Fees and Payment Plans

The Cambridge Orthodontic Practice aims to be as open with our fees as possible. We like patients to have as much information in advance and make sure there are no surprises.

Orthodontics is usually quite expensive and we realise that patients make their decision on costs as well as quality.

We also recognise that all the local Orthodontic Practices offer high quality care so it makes sense to "Shop Around"

A major reason for choosing us is that we offer late evening and weekend Appointments at no extra charge.

We will normally at least match another Orthodontist's Orthodontic Treatment Plan Costing.

Also because we are a "One Stop" Dental Practice we can offer the full range of treatments and patients avoid the extra costs of going to various diferent practices.

We offer easy options for payment including Interest Free Credit

Guideline Orthodontic Treatment Charges

We offer:

Orthodontic Consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator

Orthodontic Consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist
Treatment Guide Fee Average Fee
Metal Braces for 1 arch From £2000 £2500
Metal Braces for 2 archs From £2500 £3000
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 1 arch From £3000 £3500
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 2 arches From £3000 £3500
Full Invisalign for 1 arch From £3000 £3450
Full Invisalign for 2 arches From £4500 £4500
i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 1 arch From £4000 £4150
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 2 arches From £5000 £6500
Damon Braces 2 arches From £4000 £4150
Bonded Retainers per arch £155 £155
Removeable Retainers per arch £125 £125