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Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas, Practice Limited to Orthodontics

Dr Konstantinos Tzamalas

DDS, MSc (Lond), MOrth RCS (Ed)

Konstantinos graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1997.

After one year of military service in the Oral Surgery Department of the Naval Cadet Officers Academy in Athens, Konstantinos worked as a general practitioner at his private practice.

In 2007 he moved to Germany where he trained for two years at a specialist orthodontic center in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck.

After that he successfully completed the Master of Science Degree in Orthodontics at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital in London.

Orthodontic Examination

We will do a full Orthodontic Examination and if required we will take Xrays

The Charge for the Examination with our Dr Tzamalas is £65.00.

There is a charge for Xrays and the Xrays are optional.

We offer a Free Orthodontic Examination if you bring a Written Treatment Plan from an Orthodontist which is less than 12 months old. We encourage new patients to our Orthodontic Practice, to bring their x-rays with them.

At the end of this visit we will give you a Written Orthodontic Treatment Plan with costs and options for your Orthodontic Treatment

We usually arrange another appointment (no charge) to discuss the Orthodontic Treatment and Payment Plan

Reasonable Fees and Payment Plans

Orthodontics is usually quite expensive and we realise that patients make their decision on costs as well as quality.

We also recognise that all the local Orthodontists offer high quality care so it makes sence to "Shop Around"

A major reason for choosing us is that we are offer late evening and weekend Appointments at no extra charge.

We will normally at least match another Orthodontic Treatment Plan Costing.

Also because we are a "One Stop" Dental Practice we can offer the full range of treatments and patients avoid the extra costs of going to various diferent practices.

We also offer a range of Payment Plans including Interest Free Credit

Why Choose Us

High Quality and Affordable Orthodontic Care

State of the Art Practice

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Interest Free Credit

Very Competitive Pricing

We believe that Dental Care is not just about one apsect. We believe that the best dentistry is provided by dental teams rather than one clinician trying to do everything.

So if a patient has a gap that they want to be closed we have a team with 7 dentists with diferent expertises who together can provide every option for the patient.

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Digital Orthodontic Scanner

" According to the latest developments in digital dentistry, we use the latest model of Medit intra oral scanner to get digital impressions for our lingual orthodontic patients. No discomfort due to impression trays and materials, accurate representation of the dental occlusion, speed in acquiring the desired results"

Watch the video and find out more.